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We are constantly looking for new opportunities

3D printing in your event

Troadey retail store

Investment and substancial projects

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Do you want to sell 3D printing equipment in your region? we can et you what you need. Our multiple suppliers and our platform makes it easy to become a reseller. Of course, we will help you avoid errors and give you our insights in this quickly growing market. 

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Do you have a business opportunity we could be interested in? We'd love to hear about it! We get our hands into a very wide variety of projects ans opportunities. 3D printing is without a doubt, an opportunity magnet.

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Showcase 3D printing in your event!

We already participae in many events around the country. Some of them have nothing to do with 3D printing. Whatever the theme is, 3D printing is sure to please audiences and spike curiosity.  We can bring printers and print for the public. Trutst us when we say this is astonishing to many people and it can really drive a crowd !

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For those entrepreneurial folks out there who would like to use their 3D printers to print for others, you should definetly talk to us! It is possible to obtain our blessing and boost your operations. We have one of the largest 3D printer offering in the country and we have grea knowledge in these services.  The Troadey brand is also quite helpfull to look sharp and serious. .

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Troadey retail store

We have a lot going on concerning local growth. We are constantly looking for new partners to spread out. In our goal to make 3D printing available for as many people as possible, we think retail stores are a great place to get volume.  We are currently working with electronic retail stores to kick start 3D Printing and now is the time to speak up if you want in!

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Investments and scalable projects

Every now and then we get demands for very suprising and innovating projects. 3D printing is a tool that makes it possible for many people to realise projects quickly and localy. Many business were not profitble before 3D printing was made accessible. If you have this crazy idea, maybe we can prove to you it is not that crazy after all. You'd be suprised.

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Let's take your 2D idea into 3D


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