Here at Troadey, we have developed an expertise around our printer and our materials.  We it comes to printing your files, we can easily point out the best combination for your application.


If you have your file and you don't already know your exact needs, we will ask you questions about the application in which the part is used. It will help us select the best 3D printing technology. Once we have enough information, we will be able to propose you one or many combinations of 3D printer, material and parameters to make you part. 


Very often our clients are confused with all the possibilities and have difficulty making a smart choice. In these cases, we often ask our client to provide us with a budget. It is then easy for us you lay the best options available for that price. This makes it much easier to decide.


It would be overwhelming to list all the combinations possible and this is why we made a list of the materials you can have your part printed from:




As you could expect, the prices vary a lot from a material to another. A lot of materials for our 3D printing services are available through our corporate branch. See it here.

Send us your 3D model and we will print it for you

Whats left?
3D Print it!
Modifying the 3D model


You don't have to modify the object once it is scanned but if you want to change anything about its shape, you can make these changes in specialized software.  You can fix cracks, add stronger geometries, pierce holes, personalize the part with text, etc.   As we said before, your 3D scan can also be the starting point for a bigger part or another object. For example, you may want to 3D scan a phone in order to make a protective phone cover.

Scanning the object

With the help of a 3D scanner, you can make a virtual 3D image of an existing object. A 3D scanner usually uses lasers and cameras to "see" the object. It then makes a cloud of points that represents the object's surface. After "connecting" these points, a 3D model is formed and your object appears on the computer screen.


Don't worry, this all happens in a couple minutes without many human interference.

Scan an existing object

Why would you want to scan an existing object? 3D scanning is a great way to obtain your 3D file.  It is very useful to avoid making a complex part out of scratch. It is a great option to save time and money to make the 3D model. 

Ultimately, you can use 3D scanning to copy existing objects just like they were or even make them stronger and different. 3D scanning is also used to start designing over something that already exists.

Technical specifications


Once we know about your project, we will be able to provide the following to suit your needs:


  • CAD development

  • Resolution

  • Build volume needed

  • Mecanical properties for a wise material choice

  • Finish

The idea or the project


The first thing we need to do is to get up to speed with your project. We need the most details you can give us so we can see where we can help you and so we can start planning the steps of your project. You don't necessarily need to make a scope statement because we know you're going to make a lot of adjustments (sometimes in your business case) as your idea evolves. We are used to work with start-ups and entrepreneurs and we know nothing is set in stone.


*If you are worried about confidentiality issues, do not hesitate to mention it. We often sign non-disclosure agreements to make sure both parties are comfortable talking openly without restraints.  We can provide you with a model is you don't have one.

You only have an idea? Perfect!


You may have an idea and drawings but you don't yet have a 3D file to make a prototype or send to production. We can help you with that!


The main advantage of CAD (computer assisted drawing) is that it makes it much easier to visualize your ideas. It is also much more precise. 


It is also great to have a 3D file to make quick changes without starting over and sharing your ideas to other people (like us).


3D CAD design is usually paid hourly although we are often able to freeze the price to help you manage your costs. 

Let us make your plans and sketches in 3D


There are many, many CAD software. We need to know how to use most of them because our clients use different brands for their designs. 


When we have the choice, we like to use Solidworks and Autodesk Intenvor.  These are the most well-known and the most used around the world. we like them because they have very few flaws and they are very powerful. 


While we are on the subject, you may be wondering which file extension is used for 3D printing. The two extensions that 3D printing software can import are ".obj " and .stl". Most 3D CAD software can export in one of these extensions. 


WARNING: Some software can export in .stl with errors. These errors are caused by thin walls or empty volumes. Professional software don't make such errors but others like Google Sketchup, may be vulnerable.

Which softwares do we use?


We do most of our training on 3D printers and 3D scanners from our training center. We have training content for beginners and experts. We can also make custom training sessions with the content you want to learn about. For example, you may have a part you need to do production of. In that case, we would help you optimise your settings and you part for a more reliable and a quicker production.


We also hold small events and product demos at this location.  Since our bigger office is closed to the public for confidentiality reasons, this is where most of our contact with the clients occurs.


Here are some of the content we can cover:

  • Getting started with your 3D printer

  • Tips and tricks for better parts

  • Simple CAD drawing

  • Maintenance of your 3D printer

  • How does your 3D printer work? (advanced)

  • How to generate better supports (advanced)

  • Learn about the G-code and slicing (advanced)

  • How to repair your 3D printer (advanced)

  • Advanced CAD design

  • 3D modeling using Zbrush (advanced)

  • Theory on high-end 3D printers

Training Center

Group training

Private training

For schools and institutions, we offer training for groups. We can train a group of person on one or many subject. We can have printers and other equipment available for the session. 

We can also come to your location, with or without our equipment.

We have private training for those who want to get better with 3D printing or get started with this new and exciting technology. We recommend to start 3D printing the right way to avoid many frustrations and wastes.  You may chose the subject of your training and the training will go at your speed, covering the content you want to cover.

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