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3Doodler products

Filament for 3Doodler

Color Mixed Packs


Each color comes in a packet of 25 straight-cut strands (10 inches each). Choose one of our PLA and ABS plastic colors. Specially picked out for you, our mixed packs mean you never have to decide!



A fully re-engineered drive system

(the part that feeds the plastic through the pen), for even smoother 3DoodlingNo soldering or Connections


An entirely new nozzle design

Better performance and crisper Doodles. As well as being technologically better it also looks way cooler


Enhanced and quieter airflow

To cool your plastic more efficiently and make it even easier to Doodle in the air from the get-go


Dual speed control

For a more customized Doodling experience (and specially for those of you who just can't get enough speed!)


A new double-click function for continuous flow 

So that you can Doodle non-stop without having to hold down any buttons

More efficient and stable heating

(or in other words, no stopping and starting while doodling!)