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Where can I download 3D models ?

You have here some of the well-known sources to download 3D (CAD) models.  Once you have found the model you were looking for, we are here to help you make a tangible version of it. Send us your model and we will contact you. Use the form on this page. offers 3D models perfectly adapted to 3D printers.  Most of the models were made for or by owners of 3D printers.  This is by far the most recommended source to download 3D models. It's also free.

GrabCAD specializes in very high-grade 3D models.  They are also surprisingly free!  This website is perfect if you are looking for professional models. is a bank of more than 300 000 3D models of all genres.  Some of them are not free but the link above will guide you directly to the free section. TurboSquid is one of the oldest source of 3D models.  Be careful not to get lost! very different from other sources on this page. The proposed models have been desinged for CNC machines.  CNC machines take blocs of materisl and carve shapes into them. 3D printing uses the same models as CNC carving. Have fun! The link above will direct you to the free section of the website.

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