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Layer Resolution
High: 100 microns
Medium: 200 microns
Low: 300 microns
Work area: Size DIN A4 x 20 cm high (the largest on the market)
X - 297 mm, Y - 210 mm, Z - 200 mm
Total external dimensions: length - 505 mm, width - 388 mm, height - 450 mm
General Mechanics
Powder-coated steel chassis
Toughened chrome bars for carriages X, Y and Z
Igus bearings for X,Y and Z
Igus cable-chains
Igus power screw for the Z axis with flexible motor coupling
Powder-coated moving parts and supports
Three-point printer base levelling system with damping
Quick-change printer base system with neodymium magnets
Extruder Mechanics
Single extruder
Own-design extruder
0.4 mm nozzles
  • Details

    Ramps 1.4
    Mega 2560
    LCD screen with rotary encoder and push-button navigation
    A4-sized methacrylate cold base
    348W power source
    100k thermistors in the extruder
    40W, 12V heater cartridge

    Cooling system for parts
    Safety Features
    EC certification
    Enclosed device with door-safety feature
    Pre-configured Marlin firmware
    WitSoft host (under development)
    Compatible hosts: Repetier, Pronterface, Cura, ReplicatorG
    Slic3r (recommended and pre-configured)
    SD card reader with 4 GB card included
    USB port
    Option of stacking and linking up to three printers one on top of the other, avoiding the need for additional shelving.
    The system is inspired by the Fibonacci spiral, with a Teflon tube for threading the filament.
    This innovative system means the filament feeder tubes remain fully inside the machine, giving the device greater aesthetic appeal and ensuring friction is kept to a minimum.
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