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Choc Creator V1

Choc Creator V1

Build Envelope (Volume d'impression): 

175(X)mm x 175(Y)mm x 70(Z)mm

Maximum Linear Speed (Vitesse linéaire maximale):


Printing Head (Tête d'impression):

The deposition process is precisely controlled using a stepper motor to extrude chocolate out of a 10ml syringe. High Precision printing nozzle is used for fine printing (approx. 0.5mm to 1.5mm track depending on print setting). Two sets of printing head consumables (2 syringes and 2 nozzles) will be supplied.

File Format (Format de fichier):

Accepts STL files (standard 3d printing file) and G-code (standard SNC machining language). File is uploaded to the printer via a standard USB connection.

Software (Logiciel):

This hobby printer is controlled using simple open source software. User has full access to the print settting parameters and instructions are provided.
  • Details

    Quality, Service And Warranty

    (Qualité, Service et Garantie):

    • Choc Printer comes with CE marking to assure the quality, safety and acceptability for chocolate processing. Choc Edge team is dedicated to provide cutting edge chocolate printing solutions and essential technical supports for users. One-year product warranty is provided to replace non-working components.
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